Lipsology History

Lipsology_Historyjilly_history_cashAlthough human faces, hands and eyes have been studied to reveal personal characteristics for centuries, the exciting art of lip print reading has really just begun.

Jilly’s fascination with lip prints began in 1981 with a hobby of collecting prints from friends and family and even celebrities like Johnny and June Cash the way others collect autographs.

johnny_cash_and_jilly_eddyAfter years of studying and reviewing her sizable collection, significant patterns emerged revealing definite correlations between personalities and lip print characteristics. Jilly developed skills for reading and analyzing lip prints; catalogued her findings, created terminology (such as the “Hug Pucker” and “Cupid’s Bow”) and Lipsology was born!

Today, Jilly is the world’s leading expert in lip print interpretation with an impressive client list and a growing following of students across the country.