Lip Print Reading

About_Lip_Print_Readinglip_print_reading_menLipsology is a reliable, analytical tool used to assess an individual’s personality, emotions, characteristics, and energy levels based on the size, shape, color intensity, and special markings of a person’s lip prints.

How does it work?  Guests apply lipstick (yes, guys do too), and make several lip prints on their “Kiss Cards” which Jilly then analyzes and interprets according to 25 categories and more than 100 subcategories. Findings can determine anything from the fact that you are a great negotiator with high-end champagne tastes or perhaps that you need to pay special attention to certain health issues.

kiss_cards_2019Jilly brings everything needed for your guests to make their lip prints (unless otherwise arranged). This includes lipsticks, mirrors, Kleenex, cold cream, pens and personalized “Kiss Cards” for your guests to make their lip prints on and keep as a souvenir.